Nitemare Interview

For those of you who dont know, Nitemare is a 16 year old up and coming Dubstep producer from the Midlands.

Mali: So Nitemare, first things first, how did you get into producing?

Nitemare: Well, I first started producing seriously when I heard dub-step, which was around a year ago, but until then I’ve always messed around on my brother music software and always been interested in it.

Mali: Which artists inspire you and what tune is killing it for you at the moment?

Nitemare: Erm, my biggest inspiration would probably be a mix between a few artists, as in a lot of my music you will see different styles as i don’t like to stick to one flow, but my biggest inspiration’s would probably be DatsiK, Tomba and Cookie Monsta. And as for the tune, i really cant point one out, there’s so many people doing big things right now, the one i’ve been locked to the most has got to be Eptic – Tampopsycle

Mali: How did you end up with tracks signed to DubFiction and Dub2DnB and DubFilth?

Nitemare: All i did really is try and self-promote myself as much as possible really, getting my tunes out there, there’s HUNDREDS of ways to self-promote, you just have to want to do it really, if your sleazy and half hearted you will not succeed, you have to send your tunes about to dub-step channels on Youtube, to labels, to bigger people, to your friends, to your family, because alot of the time in music, especially dub-step, its about having a fanbase.

Mali: In the hectic world of electronic music, especially the over saturated dubstep community, how do you intend to stand out from the crowd? Also, what is your opinion on the current climate of electronic music?

Nitemare:To stand out in music in general you have to be different, because different is good, you have to be creative, and on a whole try not aim your music at a certain category of people, make your music ‘listenable’ to everyone. In Dub-step not everyone wants to hear, ‘filth’ and not everyone wants to hear ‘mellow’ so make a wide variety of music and dont force yourself into a corner where your only making one type of dub-step.

Mali: Which DAW are you using and what synths are you using?

Nitemare: I am currently using Reason 4 & 5 in my production mainly, but also use Audacity, Cool Edit Pro 2, and learning but not using many other software to improve my production. And I’m using all self created sounds and synths.

Finally if you want to check out some of Nitemare’s tunes go to either of these links and have a listen.


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