Seedy Sonics Launch Night

Big shout outs to everyone who made it down to the launch night on friday, it was one of the sickest parties i’ve been to in a while, it wasnt just about the music, the party vibe was going off all night, the behaviour of some people was outrageously seedy, the club was full of random people, freshers, old heads, dj’s, girls, jokers and all the usual mandem and to top it off the music was banging from when the doors opened until we got booted out. Thank you to all the dj’s involved, Asian Connection, Mckenzie n Nate Dogg, Oli and Dave, Iggy and myself all smashed it, the pictures and videos will be up soon. The night ended with all the people in the club left shouting for one more tune and when the bouncers kicked us out before we managed to get one more tune going the chants turned to ‘SEEDY SEEDY SEEDY’, a perfect end to the launch night, be prepared for the next party, information coming soon so keep your eyes peeled…. Big love x

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