Skream – Gather Round

Oliver Jones aka Skream aka absolute legend has given away a free track as a preview for his latest (and possibly last) Freeizm EP. This is one for his fans to love and SK-HANK to.

His final freeizm is getting released on Xmas day, so don’t bother leaving out mince pies  for the fatman in red to provide the prezzies cos Skream is parring him off with this giveaway!

This tune is called Gather Round – it is simply mind boggling, oscillating bassline madness…absolutely GOES OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF on a large system. This one is for all you lemon faces like myself OOOH ERRR

p.s When the Freeizm comes out ill post it up for your listening and downloading pleasure

p.p.s – Skream’s new bits and Benga’s new tunes are on FIRE – check ‘Jelly Roll’, ‘Rollin Kicks VIP’, ‘Electro West’ and ‘Monsters’ ..that ISH is crazy

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