Skream presents the Freeizm Album – Merry Xmas!


Fuck Santa, Skream has delivered what he promised and released a FREE ALBUM for you to download together with his free giveaway of ‘Gather Round’ as posted here the other day. 2010 has been Skream’s year, a UK Tour, commercial chart success and the release of his own album in August….

2011 looks even bigger with further main stage appearances at Global festivals and his own slot with Benga on Radio 1 from January. He is the head honcho of the Dubstep scene at the moment and his recent productions show the diversity of the genre as it grows and gains more commercial limelight.


2.No Ready
3.Cold Outside
4.10 Bit Dreamz
6.Back From The Zoo
7.Krazy Snares
8.Lightnin VIP
9.Left The Room
10.Commercial SellOut
13Emotional Shizzle

It’s an incredibly diverse collection of tunes with a VIP of his classic ‘Lightning’ (see youtube link) and moshppit/skankin starters such as his industrial remix of P Money’s grime hit ‘Left The Room’ and ‘CTO’! The basic Beats and Bass of old school classic dubstep is shone through with tracks such as ‘Minor’  and ‘Back From The Zoo’ pushing the sub-bass levels of the album, whilst ‘Emotional Shizzle’ shows his ability to incorporate jungle synths and rifts on top of a tearing 140 bassline.

Because it is a gift of an album, it makes it that much better. He’s given away tunes which people such as myself have requested on Forums and his twitter and facebook page, songs which I would be willing to pay for. Skream is inspirational to say the least.

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