Brown Bear’s Top 10 tunes of 2010

I should be doing an essay but fakkkk it…

10. Badman Sound – Doctor P

Simply because of the reaction it got when Shy FX dropped it in with the acapella of Tempa T’s ‘Next Hype’ at Electric Carnival. Straight Pull up business! It will go down as a brostep classic!

9. Sigma – The Jungle

DnB tune I wanted for a year, finally a release in October on Breakbeat Kaos. Simply a barrage of bass, high snares and aggressive melodic beats throughout.

8. and 7. Redlight ft Ms Dynamite -What You Talking About?! and Magnetic Man – Certified Banger (‘WHAT YOU BANGING ABOUT?!’)

I’ve put these two together for the following reasons. Firstly, ‘MDMA’ the instrumental version of ‘WYTA’ was dropped by every big DJ in the scene from February till NOW. Secondly, the Ms. Dynamite version came out of nowhere and completely destroyed the dance in clubs around the country, sending Festival crowds  into a frenzy and getting a reload by every DJ dropping it.

Finally, the reason why these are both together is because of the way they were double dropped (no doubt by Skream) in Magnetic Man’s INCREDIBLE Essential Mix on Radio 1. If you have the ‘EM’ on your iTunes then go to 34 minutes 50 seconds into the mix and listen to the double drop…JHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ it’s ridiculous, crazy shizzle. I obsessed over finding 320’s of both tunes for months so their releases in August and October respectively were both welcomed with open arms and hence why they are in my top 10. Always drop em in any set regardless of the crowd or music policy!


6. DLX – Matter of Fact (Breakage ‘Relatively Speaking’ Remix)

Standard proceedure for a Breakage remix, his best one of the year in my eyes. Got released back in 2009 on Smog, but I started to hear it more in 2010. Simply beats and sub-bass galore

5. S.P.Y – By Your Side

S.P.Y has killed it this year. Praised  by anyone who’s heard his tunes, collaborating a fuckload with the legendary DJ Marky and tunes getting dropped left right and centre by every DJ in the scene. His unique sub-bass and techy dnb sound  tears up any venue and himself and Marky produce some outrageously high quality drum and bass together.

This tune is more than emotional, it is uplifting in so many ways and I’ve heard it been used as a set closer by many DJ’s inclusing Andy C, Marky, Hype and S.P.Y himself. Written for wife, the Brazilian never intended on releasing it, but after much demand he did so on Spearhead Records at the end of 2010.

The video below is the full song, along with a video from MoogDNB’s Youtube Channel (Don’t be alarmed, the beginning is supposed to sound it’s from the Lord of the Rings!)

4. Subscape – Screw Up

I had to make a choice between this track, Trolley Snatcha – Pass Me By and a load of Circus Records tunes such as Big Boss, Lines in Wax and Funky Junky. In the end, Subscape won it for me with Screw Up. It is well crafted, industrial, urban and sums up jump up dubstep pretty well. Big build up, a bit of acapella which the crowd can shout to each other (I GREW UP A FUCKING SCREW UP) rounded up with robotic, screeching underlined by massive sub bass terror. Ridonkulous tune from an unreal EP called ‘Time to Escape’ which was released on Dub Police in October.

3. Von D ft. Phephe – Show Me

I’ll be doing a little post on Von D as I believe he is someone to watch out for in 2011. He’s so sick, I don’t think I could praise a French man more! ‘Show Me’ was released in 2009 but with the VIP and Skream remix on the way in 2011 it had to be included in my top 10 of 2010. This is dubstep at it’s finest…smoothstep/lovestep vibes!

2. P Money – Slang Like This (Remix)

The originals a bangerrrrr, the production itself is banging, the lyrics bang out anyone else’s…Add on D Double E, Blacks and Footsie and you get a ridiculous ensemble of some of Grime’s hyperstars on one of the best instrumental’s of 2010 by my Asian brother Sukh Knight…In conclusion, this tune goes off! Plus P Money and D Double are crazy sick!

Including the original wouldn’t be enough to show how far Grime has changed itself in 2010, and for the better. Intelligent lyrics, instead of going on about gash, cash and being flash as it was in 07/08, the genre is climbing its way onto daytime radio and up the national charts. It’s a big look for 2011.

1. Loadstar – Link to the Past

Mind altering music. Unreal. Possibly the DnB tune of the millenium, it shakes the dancefloor of any venue it’s played so so so so massively large!! Hailed by myself and DJ Poshtwit on our radio show Laced in Bass /BurnFm Saturdays ;~)\ and by every DJ, every radio show and on any given DnB Podcast, Loadstar aka Xample and  Lomax have created a drum and bass gem. I don’t need to describe it to you, just put your sub level to about 75% and turn the volume up. The tune does the talking!

Cheers…now let’s get on with this Carbon Footprint essay 😦

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