Virtual DJ – For Beginner DJ’s/those who are tired of wasting CDs [PLUS a couple of dnb hypertunes]

I’ve slated it for a year or 2. But it’s made me eat my words.

A free program used by 14 year olds around the globe, yet with many hidden gems. Firstly, its free and takes 2 minutes to download and set up. I’ve left my decks in Birmingham for the holidays, and as withdrawal symptoms caved in (I found myself PRETENDING to mix whilst listening to Rinse FM) I decided some shit needed to be done. So I googled it and downloaded it

Now 3 hours later, I am seamlessly mixing in DnB madness (see photo below for proof), something which I struggle to do on cd decks, I fear a genre change may be in order. But I don’t approve because of how easy it is to use,  it is very simple and doesnt reflect ACTUAL djing (except some DJ’s have been known to use it out live *cough* Cookie Monsta *cough*).

It’s good because it will help anyone who has never been near a mixer understand what the basic features does. It is also very useful for DJ’s who can’t afford Traktor or Serato (aren’t pussies) to try out some mixes without wasting time/effort burning CD’s and is also good for practising mixing different genres (something which is much easier with a soundwave)…I have 100’s of used and useless CD’s lying around my room/in my cd case..if I’d used a program like Virtual DJ from the start I could have saved a lot of money…and helped the environment.

It’s useful, fun and fact it’s a benefit for anyone who enjoys their music/is curious to know how to mix two songs/those who claim they enjoy going to raves because of their so-called “love” for electronic music i.e the ‘Posers’ of the DnB/Dubstep world.

The two songs in the photo are Lomax – Artisan VIP  and Total Science & S.P.Y – i’ll give you lot a 320 of both..they are dark rollers, and mix in very nicely as I proved to myself =]

Lomax – Artisan VIP [RAM

In fact, here’s 2 Total Science & S.P.Y tunes

Total Science & S.P.Y – Gangsta/Above the Clouds

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