Crissy Criss – DnB mixing Lord

If he doesn’t win best breakthrough DJ at the DnB awards I’ll shit all over Space 2 in disgust.

Check: and tell me if you disagree.

Check his latest show on BBC iPlayer

His radio show on Wednesday nights/Thursday mornings 1am-4am on BBC 1Xtra is always a ridiculous onslaught of bass and beats and his 3 deck (sometimes 4 deck) mixes are insane. Having the influence from his legendary step dad Kenny Ken it’s hard to argue that there are many which have better track selection or mixing ability. In an average set he’ll throw in crowd favourites, jump up tearouts, emotional liquid bits plus dubstep and drumstep. On top of this there are also forgotten jungle classics and the often ignored techy dnb flavas included in his mixes which roughly have a new tune double dropped in per minute. It is a pleasure to listen to him out live or in the comfort of my home… He better fucking win an award!

His productions are also on point – Kicksnare was an underground dubstep smasher back in 08/09 but that’s not all. He has just released an album called Give You The World with Youngman MC which showcases his ability to produce tracks from many genres including liquid dnb, jump up, dubstep, drumstep and hip-hop.

Unfortunately himself and Bailey will not be at the DnB awards in 2011 because 1Xtra is no longer supporting it, however I hope to see/book him in Birmingham ASAP

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