Nero – Me & You (full release)

Nero. A dubstep duo signed to Chase & Gaytus’s record label MTA Records.

They are on everyones lips at the minute, hot property at the moment……………….NO.

Cheese Step

I don’t like this new sound that they are pushing, what I like to called ‘Stadium-step’..big epic dubstep which is supposed to have some collective hidden meaning which everyone can understand, the kind of son I’d drop if was Djing at Vodbull, or another pointless student night. No, simply no..get out of here you bastard song.

It’s poorly created, very cheesy music which is just an attempt to get in the charts. Good on them to do so but the duo which I used to love have fluffed it with their recent productions in my opinion (bar Innocence ….. which was a banger).

Anyway thought I’d put it on here cos there will be heads wanting it.

The best tune on this release is Welcome Reality which keeps the old school Nero style that bassheads love. Big intro, heavy drop, bass underlining a punchy violent melody..not that epic bullshit.

Keep to the production style of Welcome Reality if you read this gents, stop taking advice from Cheesey Shameless

The Danger remix of Me & You is very jokes, defo download the file for those 2 tracks…(then delete the others, even the Dirtyphonics remix is suprisingly pants/and the Kamuki remix is simply random)

01. Nero – Me & You (Original Mix)
02. Nero – Welcome Reality (Original Mix)
03. Nero – Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix)
04. Nero – Me & You (Danger Remix)
05. Nero – Me & You (Kamuki Remix)

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