Fuck frigid/dumbstep, the Kids Want Techno!!!

Its bin a while since iv posted and in that time this blog has bin over run by noise from brownbear and mali (fair play). but the kids want TECHNO, so this is what ive got for you!

First up is a meat katie remix, this just builds brilliantly from being minimal and deep till it rips about 4 min in with this aggressive electronic Techno bass, its a badman!

The Roads Lead East (Meat Katie Remix) – Schadenfreude

Now for something even harder, Slap by Umek is an absolute classic. Relentless clicking and pounding bass and kick make this a true big room peak techno tune. How could this track be any more aggressive or energetic? Well Spektre seems to think he knows how, and i agree. Spektre’s Death Punch Remix is Outrageous!

Slap – Umek

Slap (Spektre’s Death Punch Remix) – Umek

Finally, what to end on? John O’Callaghan is probs a familiar name to any trance heads out there, but his alter ego Joint Operations Centre, produces big drop Pounding Techno. Check this.

Pull The Trigger (Joint Operations Centre Remix) – Axel Karakasis

Cheers, ill be back, and thanks to everyone who made it to Gods last sat, what a night.

Remember, your heart has a Techno Beat!


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