Joe Syntax seals the deal!

For a good while Joe Syntax has been an almost mythical character operating on the very fringes of the scene who sometimes appears so fleetingly that I have more than once thought I may have just imagined his existence. This is entirely plausible, I’ve imagined way weirder shit! However, I was sure Expectra was far too good to be a product of my imagination. Fortunately, as Saturday night proved for me he is definitely real. Seeing him on a jizz-inducing Hospitality line-up, the first line-up I had actually spotted him on, was the clincher that made me abandon all consideration of my extensive and soon to be reviewed overdraft and head for HMV Institute. Suffice to say, I was not disappointed, and his latest release on Allsorts has cemented his status as an absolute joker! 3 perfectly crafted stompers!

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