A little sneak peak at our other Main Man – J Zoomba!!

The kid that brought UK funky and Dubstep to Spain..

J Zoomba aka Joe Howard is a London-born, Spanish-raised supplier of all things bass and groove. Having grown up in a house of musicians and music lovers, his childhood diet of Reggae, Soul, Blues and more has laid the foundations for his eclectic style.

His own musical journey started age 12 when he discovered his first music production programs, trying to emulate beats by his heroes of the time, Dr Dre and Timbaland. This hobby soon became an obsession and at the age of nineteen founded the now infamous, SUBโ€™D VISION nights in his hometown of Granada, South Spain.

Having been the first Spanish raves to include the fresh sounds of Dubstep, Funky and UK Bass, the nights soon created a large following and gave artists such as Redlight, Emalkay, The Heatwave, Congo Natty, Foreign Beggars and many more their first taste of the southern Spainish club scene.

The nights also allowed him to hone his own DJ skills, drawing influence from not only artists he brought over but also his Spanish surroundings, resulting in a percussion-heavy blend of international bass culture packed with his own productions and dubs. This has taken him to venues all around Spain and the UK, including festivals, off-Sonar parties and radio.

Having moved back to London late last year, he is now in the process of putting on a new breed of club night in the capital, as well as releasing his own productions on a variety of labels. You need to keep an eye out!


Facebook search: SUBโ€™D VISION

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