Broken Beats and Big Vocals

Today I woke up and decided that I was in the mood for something heavier than what I’ve recently been listening to and my little search to find what I desired led me to find some new dubstep tunes and a cheeky little 2-step number. I thought they were worth sharing.

Claude VonStroke – Who’s Afraid Of Detroit (DJ Madd Remix) A nice understated remix of Claude Von Stroke’s seminal tune.

Jamie Woon – Night Air (Deadboy Remix) Deadboy has taken Jamie Woon’s epically moving piece of electronica and given it a 2 step beat worthy of any dancefloor.

Tinie Tempah – Pass Out (Stinkahbell Spliff & Pass Out Remix) I know the original is cheesy but the beat on it was huge and this remix encapsulates what was good about the original, chews it up and spits out a raw dubstep tune in its place, accompanied with a jokes fill before the drop. Prime peak time number!

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – We Speak No Americano (High Rankin’s Bait Wobble Mix) We all thought this tune had gone away, well High Rankin has decided its not quite time yet and has given it a twisted new lease of life. DJs that take themselves seriously will hate this tune, but I can guarantee it would get the dancefloor moving.

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