Close friend of Seedy Sonics, Claire Powell, came to us with a proposal to raise money for BVES…And ofcourse we said yes.

Mr Namugabe, nominated for the World's Childrens' Prize 2011

Here’s a little piece on BVES and the cause:

BVES is a Congolese charity that helps rehabilitate child soldiers, it is both underfunded and underappreciated.  Without even an official logo or website, this organisation operates tirelessly to provide both security and therapy to those children kidnapped by guerrilla armies, and forced to fight as young as 6.  With no memory of normality, these children know no right and wrong, lacking both the social skills and education to assimilate themselves back into their community.

Nominated for the World’s Children’s Prize in 2011, BVES’ leader Murhabazi Namegabe has helped to rescue over 4,000 children across the war torn Democratic Republic of Congo, whilst along with his colleagues, he faces constant arrest and threats to his life.

This is not a well known cause.   It is not afforded the publicity through attempting to solve world famine, resolve the AIDS epidemic or write off world debt.  Instead, on a very small scale it is trying to improve the lives of thousands of innocent children caught up in an unimaginable situation.

If there has ever been a good cause that desperately needs our help; it’s BVES.

We at Seedy Sonics really want to make a difference, and raise a sizable donation to send to Mr. Namugabe. Please help us to do this; look out for:

– Charity table at the next event (11th March). We will be selling sweets, chewing gum, toy soldiers and cds

– Charity Party on March 29th – All our profits from the night are going to charity

Thank you for reading, we hope you can help us,

Love Seedy x


  1. […] At this event we’ve teamed up with a small but very important charity BVES that helps rehabilitate child soldiers in the war stricken Congo. There will be a stall set up at the night where you can get your hands on a cool collection of goodies for a donation. Please please check out this link and show as much support as you can. […]

  2. […] Its all in aid of a great charity, BVES that rehabilitates child soldiers of the Republic of  Congo. This is a very small but immensely important and successful charity that really needs some funding. All the proceeds are going to this charity so get your mid-week dancing slippers on and show some support. For more info on BVES check out this earlier post. […]

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