Went to Face last night to check out the legend Claude Von Stroke in the Courtyard, and have a chat about our event together in a couple of weeks.

Things are looking great for our event and we cant wait to tear the roof off in the cellar door!

Check out our facebook event here.

Last night was brilliant, Claude Von Stroke smashed it. Playing an intelligent mix of Dirty Bird Weird Electro Tech House with some brilliant mixing including a mix though tech house into hip hop and Jungle, it went off! The atmosphere in the courtyard was incredible, with the energy flowing through that room all night. Shonky’s set was tight, laying down some serious deep house grooves that face knows best. Followed up by an energetic three way back to back set from face residents Scott Bleepz, Elliot Croft and Bunny.

The warehouse had Danny Rampling headling the brand Cream Classics. It was rammed and everyone there was loving the Classic Funky House, could easily have been Amnesia Terrace 10 years ago, sick. but i wanted to get back to Face.

Claude played this Tech house banger in his mix to jungle.

He also dropped hes incredible Who’s Afraid of Detroit. Im sure you’ve all heard it but this is one of my favourite tunes, so I’m gonna post it anyway.

Heres another tune i think he dropped, cant find this anywhere except on youtube, so I’m guessing its a limited vinyl release, which means we were very lucky to hear it in a club.

Enjoy, peace


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