I’m back..it’s been a while

HELLO. It’s me Brown Bear. I’ve been away doing stupid things, as you can see from the seedy evidence below. I’m back with a vengeance however, this blog needs some more filth and drums (the seediest of music). My sincerest apologies for not putting in the effort gents.

Since I’ve been AWOL I have completed 75% of my degree and updated my iTunes by 1,068 items since the date of my last post in January.

And I’ve been to a fair few nights in between that – namely 2 Shogun Audio events at Cable (Feb and April)…BOTH were ridiculous. Electric atmosphere (only the heads were there as tickets sell out months in advance and you cant get in on the door), friendly and lax security, weighty system and world class DJ’s (Friction 3 deck vinyl mix for 2 hours is a must-see) – A night catered for music lovers

Anyway, one of the Shogun faithful has just released an album. Dutch producer Icicle has created an incredible LP called ‘Under the Ice’, which has sent the DnB army into a frenzy…Go buy it (i will not provide the filesharing link) – – http://www.shogunaudio.co.uk/shop/product.php/324/icicleundertheicealbummp3dispatchdate25thapril

It’s got a few weighty dubstep tracks, a lot of tech’n’bass and some techno-clap infused dnb perfect for Iggy-tech to furiously wank over at 174 bpm (you dirty bastard)

My favourite tune by far is ‘I Feel U’ – a genius tech-step production which absolutely goes offffffffffff at any rave…it will be dropped at Seedy on the 10th, mark my word. Dark, Deep, Dangerous

And to keep the filth up here’s Datsik – Firepower for free


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