Ibiza Blues

fter a 3 month stint in Ibiza this Summer I have just returned to the UK, and I am feeling quite withdrawn, no longer can I go out on a Monday night to DC10 or any other night of the week to the worlds greatest clubs, I cant wear shorts and a vest from the minute i wake up to go about my daily duties… English weather sucks ass! I cant spent lazy days by the pool or the beach getting stoned and meeting new people. I miss that beautiful little island so much already, but I went out with a bang, by going to one of the island’s most underrated parties – Flower Power, a party that celebrates Peace & Love, curated by Piti, he takes you on a musical journey through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. A personal highlight was Born To Be Wild, which was accompanied with a Biker riding around the dance floor. Pacha had been completely redecorated, Huge LSD tabs, spliffs, Yin Yang’s etc. Whilst the crowd looked like they had been transported through time straight out of the 60’s, everyone in tie dyed clothing, the atmosphere is unlike any other night I went to in Ibiza, you look around and you are partying with gorgeous young people and glamourous old people, not a single person in the club was pretentious in any way! The flight home the following day wasn’t for the feint hearted, with a distinct lack of sleep I struggled to make it to the airport, when I arrived I had to entertain myself so I didn’t fall asleep and miss the plane! With sheer determination I powered through and made it on to my flight. I wouldn’t have managed this feat without my Ipod and music from Danny Daze, Lee Foss, Jamie Jones, Youandewan, Shonky, Tale Of Us and many more of the new breed of deep/tech house producers that I have discovered this year. Here’s a couple of tunes for the DJ’s out there!

DJ T. Feat. James Teej – Sense (Tale Of Us Remix)

Danny Daze – Fall Away From Love

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