My Summer 2011 – Brown Bear’s matured.

As opposed to the other lot who were bumming around on some sorry spit of land in the middle of the Mediterranean  Sea, I was being constructive and got a job at a local summer camp this summer and almost died of boredom as a result. I filled my iTunes with countless numbers of new tracks and endulged myself in drum and bass, dubstep and reggae at this years Outlook festival..which was an absolute joke..such a joke, that speaking about it makes me depressed and enter a come downy state so we will not talk about it.

On my Outlook roadtrip I fell back in love with old school rnb, grime and tunes which your mum would love (Take That/Boyzone/Backstreet Boys etc) but obviously they will not be put up here.

Here are MY tunes of the summer:

Sean Paul & Blu Cantrell – Breathe (Tomb Crew & Whole Sick Remix)

Eve and Gwen Stefani – Let me blow your mind (Me and My Monkey Dirty remix)

Subscape – Universal

Emalkay – The World (Teebee Remix)

Arp101 – Korg-A-Tron (Alix Perex’s alias)

Enei – Movin Fast

Wilkinson – Refugee


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