DJ Hazard Hospitality Interview

DJ Hazard, a.k.a Scott Molloy, the infamous Birmingham based master of jump up D+B, has become renowned for his grizzly, earth-shattering basslines and outrageous, electrifying beats. Having brought us such dancefloor bombs as “Mr Happy”, “Machete” and “Killers Don’t Die” and most recently the superb “Proteus”  and “Food Fight” on Playaz, Hazard’s finesse as a producer is always replicated in his DJ sets.  

Hazard makes his Hospitality debut at Hospitality Birmingham on Friday 2nd December and we are very excited to welcome him to Room One.  A man who shies away from fame, is notorious for not doing interviews and is one of the few D+B producers who does not have an online presence, we are very proud to have got an exclusive and rare chat with the lesser spotted Hazard to see what we can look forward to on 2nd December…

Hi, how’s it going? What’s new in the world of DJ Hazard?

Honestly not much. I’ve moved house so I haven’t been able to make music of late. I’ve just set the studio back up and it’s all raring to go. I’m just waiting to find the time to get back in!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey as a DJ / producer from when you started to where you are today?

In 2002 I got signed to Playaz and have been there ever since. I’m still signed to them today and everything’s going really well, I can’t complain. That’s brief enough, innit?

You’re a Brummie born and bred aren’t you? What’s the D&B scene like in Birmingham and what can our fans expect when Hospitality comes to Birmingham on 2nd December?

Birmingham is a unique place. I don’t know if I notice it more because I’m from there or what but I always seem to get last sets in Birmingham and I always see everybody who’s tired at the end of the night, but crucially, they’re still there! I’d love to start playing in Birmingham a bit earlier – I need to start juggling my gigs around a bit more! It is good – they’re always there til the end! It’s a good place to be Birmingham.

Where are some of your favourite spots to hang out in the city?

I know it sounds boring, but I don’t get a chance to go out anymore and go to bars or cafes of stuff… if I do it’s always McDonalds with the kids or a pie shop! I’ve got two kids and they take up all my time; one of them lives with me and he’s only 5, so I spend all my day time with him. It’s amazing, don’t get me wrong, but it’s bloody hard work!

Have you ever played at the Rainbow Warehouse before? If so – what’s it like as a venue? 

It’s different every single time I play there because they’ve got so many different rooms / arenas, you never seem to play in the same one each time. I think I’ve actually played in all of them, probably once each, but they’re all good. It’s within walking distance from the train station. It’s a really good underground venue and I really like playing there…and that’s not a lie either!

What’s the biggest hazard you’ve ever faced?

These phone interviews! I always say something wrong. I really shy away from interviews, I don’t like doing them. It’s not because I’m lazy or anything, I just try and get out of it so people know as little as possible about me. I just don’t like being in the limelight. I’m in the wrong game, I think. I hate being filmed and talking on camera as well. I always seem to say the wrong thing!

 And finally, what can we expect from your set at Hospitality Birmingham on 2ndDecember?

I haven’t got a clue. I’m looking forward to being able to play some of the music I wouldn’t normally play and so I’m gonna go and see what music I’ve got on my computer that I love but you wouldn’t normally see in a Hazard set and see how it goes down. Hopefully it’ll be a little different to what I normally do.

Make sure you catch DJ Hazard at Hospitality Birmingham on Friday 2nd December alongside: High Contrast, Cyantific, SPY, Nu:Tone b2b Logistics, Azonica, Zetek. Hosted by: Wrec, Messy MC, Script, Ruthless. Room Two: Subscape, Joe Syntax, Cutline, Kito, Culprate. 

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