HUGE HUGE NEWS!!!! We have been invited to join the FACE crew to go out to Snowbombing to play next year. For anyone that doesn’t know about Snowbombing, check it out on youtube/facebook. You will want to buy your ticket as soon as you see the line up!! All the information you need to book tickets is below!

FACE @ Snowbombing 2012
Mon 9th – Sat 15th April
Mayrhofen, Austria



Accommodation From £289 (includes wristband)
London Return Flight £132
Transfers £50

Weather – Its the end of the ski season so the weather is fantastic, HOT & SUNNY ALL DAY, the snow is up in the mountain, NOT down in the resort where you stay and party.



Party peoples! We’re doing it again but this year even bigger and better!
FACE has been asked by Snowbombing to become a club partner at the Snowbombing Festival in Mayrhofen, Austria and believe us the hype for this is nuts and we are buzzin hard to know end. We hear you are too!

FACE will be hosting one of the main arena’s on the Monday night with a killer line up including special guests… HEIDI, SOUL CLAP & LEE CURTISS

Along with this we will also hosting a full afternoon at the mountain igloo on the Wednesday. We will be joined by our friends…

SMAK PONY, ERNEST, DUTCH SETTLERS, SEEDY SONICS, F.O.H & MATIK Dj’s who will be playing at the festival along with FACE Residents SCOTT BLEEPZ, ELLIOT CROFT & BUNNY.


So then! what do you need to know to book this trip with us?

1. Check out the accommodation options here (which also includes your wristband for the week)…

Prices from £289 for 5 nights vary to suit your budget. Once you have chosen your room type and the amount of people you wish to book for, you only have to initially put down a deposit of £100 per person. After that each named individual receives their own login in order to pay as much or as little as they like until the time comes round for final payments in Feb/March 2012.

6 Nights. You arrive a day early and by doing this the flights are direct and cheaper.

2. Travel arrangements…

You can of course drive yourself or travel via coach if you like which can be booked via Snowbombing. The easiest way of course is flying, so here are some idea’s of costs with that option…

London Heathrow – Salzburg Austria
Outgoing – Sunday 8th April
return – Saturday 14th April

Price is currently going at £132 with EasyJet.

3. Transfers can be arranged on the Snowbombing website or you can just jump in a taxi with your groupwhen you arrive at the airport.

4. You dont have to ski or board (there’s plenty to do if your not into this) but if you do want to then you can buy daily ski passes as and when you like when you are there. We find this is best as you may not want to go in =to the mountains every single day due to the odd 1 or 5 hangovers. You can hire equipment when you are there too or search here for an idea of the general cost…



WE WILL ALSO SEND YOU A FREE – FACE / SNOWBOMBING HOODY in time for our trip so we can represent like one big happy fam!


If you have ANY QUESTIONS dont hesitate to contact Scott as he is more than happy to help:

Here’s some links about the festival itself and why you’d buzz off it…

LINE UP IS WICKED! Its spread across several fantastic venues in the hugely pictureque town of Mayrhofen –


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