2K11 – A roller-coaster of a year.

It’s pretty obvious that it’s been a steadily rising high from start to finish for Seedy Sonics. With the crew starting 2011 in style together back at the Q Club for NYE 2010 we have set the tone for a lot of successful parties filled with laughter, love and bass. 2011 was BIG to say the least. 2012 looks overly obese aswell with huge parties lined up and our involvement with some MASSIVE events organisers such as Snowbombing and a couple of others secret ones, it looks like Seedy is gonna snowball hard in 2k12. Very excited.

Replicating 2010’s Boxing Day (https://seedysonics.wordpress.com/2010/12/26/brown-bears-top-10-tunes-of-2010/) I have decided to post my top 10 for 2011. Over the course of 2011 I moved away from being known as the 140 Kid as I entered the sacred realm of 174 BPM, ie Drum and Bass. A genre I have always loved, DnB is now at the forefront of my musical taste and has overtaken dubstep which has, in my opinion, become rather ugly. The deeper sides of dubstep I still love and enjoy but in terms of DJing out or having a skank to, I can’t share that same passion as I do with all types of drum and bass. The mid range wobble brostep which I admit I did adore this time last year does not have anywhere near the same appeal 365 days later. In fact I detest quite a lot of it now.

Anyways, I could very easily do a top 250 but I can only offer a top 10 (actually 11). To be in this list each tune had to fit the following 3 criteria:

a) The songs must be overplayed on my iPod and iTunes.

b) The songs must make any crowd go in very hard upon hearing it (or make their appreciation well known ie Techno Posers)

c) Makes my natural serotonin levels rise

The following have done so:

10. DJ Shadow – Def Surrounds Us (Rockwell Remix)

The sounds which have gone into this remix are phenomenal. Rockwell is the most unique producer in DnB at the moment and finds the balance between high quality production and dancefloor bangers everytime. Inspirational.

9. Mosca – Square One (Julio Bashmore remix)

It was between this and the ever so loved ‘Battle for Middle You’. But I chose Bashmore’s remix of Square One. I don’t actually know why, it just has that mixed skanky vibe between uk funky, bashment and techno and a silly amount of bass – all things which make a good tune.

8. Azari & III – Hungry for the power (Jamie Jones remix)

The original tune is fucking creepy. The world’s best DJ smashed it with this remix. It will go down as a Seedy classic I’m sure. Went off at Outlook on multiple occasions – big tune (and I’m not even into techno).

7. Girl Unit – Wut (Claude Von Stroke ‘Undressed’ Remix)

I’m a huge Girl Unit fan. Been supporting him since day one and I’m an even bigger fan of Night Slugs. I’m also a fan of the eccentric dirty bird known as Claude Von Stroke. Wut was one of my favourite tunes of 2010 and the 128 remix which Von Stroke provides is even better.

6. Foreign Concept & Bringa – Cemetery

‘Way of the Warrior’ LP from my boys over at Shogun recently won the ‘Best Compilation Album’ at the DJ Mag. Completely deserved because it was…FUCKING UNBELIEVABLY SICK IN SO MANY WAYS.

Obviously everyone knows I’m a huge Shogun soldier and I have embarrassed myself in numerous ways in 2011 by being so (shoulder dislocations, incriminating photos and that bloody podcast) but this album was too much. Every tune on it is incredible. Crafted by the Gods of DnB  (such as Friction, Perez, Icicle, Spectrasoul and Rockwell, WOTW was a 12 track musical masterpiece, an album which screamed volumes for DnB. On that album was a tune by 2 of the hottest artists to come out of the dnb womb this year – Foreign Concept (formerly Mad Rabbit) and Bringa.

‘Cemetery’ is the definition of dancefloor destroyer – earthquake-esque basslines, snappy snares and a killer vocal sample. This tune is too much and contains within it everything which I love about EDM.

**No full songs of it on youtube unfortunately though there is a clip of that guy Perez dropping it in July.

5. Total Science and S.P.Y – Magic Hour

Drums drums drums drums drums drums. Bass bass bass bass bass bass bass bass. Will definitely continue to double drop this with track no. 4 in every DnB set I do.

4. Enei – Movin Fast

Could have put a number of tunes this Russian guy’s been involved with into the Top 10 but I chose Movin Fast because it does what it says on the tin. Definitely a tune for the gym.

3. Wilkinson – Overdose

It was a 3 way battle between this, Wilkinson’s recent song ‘Tonight’ and Loadstar’s remix of ‘Fighting Fire’ but ‘Overdose’ came out victorious. What a production this is. The police siren noises in the background of the intro and breakdown are what do it for me. Wilkinson is without a doubt my producer of the year and one to watch in 2012.

2. Redlight – Source 16/Mosca – Bax

I couldn’t choose between these two. Both represent what is incredible about the UK Underground scene at the moment – innovative sounds which aren’t replicated in any other country. Mosca is bringing Garage back to popular underground nights with his forward thinking rework on the all old school tunes people loved at the turn of the millenium. Redlight has created his own genre of music over the past 4 years which is an infusion of dubstep, house, garage and bassline. So good.

The UK dominates dubstep, garage and drum and bass in terms of its popularity and artists, and these are 2 who are showcasing what it’s about.

I have to put them together for Seedy’s good friend Lenguin who always in stupidly hard when hearing either tunes.


1. The XX – Shelter (Alix Perez & Khanage Remix)

Bliss. This is why I love Alix Perez. Sickest producer.

So that’s the top 10. If you haven’t read the blog before then continue clicking through because this year there has been so much unbelievable music uploaded to it. And get the fuck down to one of our nights in Birmingham because we know how to fuck up de rave.

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