The future is bright…the future is SEEDY

Hi. Blog’s been dryer than the sahara desert recently. What is going on? Why is everyone on strike?!

Quickly though, gotta mention the February party. Oh my drizzaayyyyy, what a night. Top form from everyone, especially the girl who apparently had a little accident in the toilets and had to get carried out by Tyson et co. (I’ve heard rumours – will have to confirm them for you lot at a later stage.)

Every DJ smashed it, every single person on the dancefloor was going in, all looking beautiful in the photos (minus George ‘Monty Burns’ Jones). Videos coming soon.

Bass. Vibes. Love. Seediness. Our notorious ramjammed smoking area was once again a huge hit – there’s nothing better than coming back from an incredible night out covered in other people’s sweat. That’s real love.

Systems were blaring, Harry Potter was a success on the screen in the garden (fuck you Voldemort). Techno Morgue was hotter than my grandma’s vindaloo – bit of a problem for some, for others a bit of H20 and nakedness sorted that out.

Website’s up and running – looking very very nice I must say. Check it out here:

To make up for the love and seediness of recent months we’ve chucked a load of resources into creating some future nights which are guaranteed to blow your brains with excitement featuring some of the best artists across the spectrum of EDM. Late March, late April and early June all have stupidly large line ups which means that for the first 6 months of 2012 we have kept to our promises and produced a constant barrage of sick nights to fulfil your raving needs and to keep many going in this hard struggle of working shit jobs, writing dissertations and revising for exams.

Check em atttttttttt………BIG


Anyway reason for the blog is to promote good music.


Here is what I’m feeling at the moment – been listening to some absolute gems recently.

Kasra’s fabriclive 62 is one of the best mixes I’ve heard in my life – dark, techy and incredibly well crafted but also energetic and enough to get a room moving. Pretty much the reason why his label run one of the rooms at Fabric on a friday night.

DL Link:

Enei – Count to ten (forthcoming Soul:r )

Dr Gonzo – Bust em up (French Fries remix)

Free DL from the lovely Annie Mac:

Kove – Breach (Viper)

Redlight – Mosquito (SUCH A RIDDIM!!)

Lady Gaga – Marry The Night (TEED Remix)

Joy O & Boddika – Mercy

And finally……UK GARAGE IS MOST DEFINITELY STILL ALIVE thanks to this man….

Adele – Someone Like You (Mike Delinquent Project remix *radio rip*)

Ms Dynamite – Neva Soft (Mike Delinquent Project remix)

Ayah Marah – Follow You (Mike Delinquent Project remix)

And here are some classics for good measure – Seedy Sonics, bringing back the 90’s.

Mark Ruff Ryder ft Special MC – Joy

DJ Luck & MC Neat – Piano Loco

Oxide & Neutrino – No Good 4 Me





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