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The beauty of the all encompassing UK Bass scene

I’ve found a couple of new artists who I’ve been loving up recently. One’s a Welsh producer who has been hailed as the next James Blake (understandable as they were roommates at Uni). The other is a DnB producer who has stamped his imprint on the scene.

HOWEVER, I’d like to get something off my chest first. I’m not trying to achieve anything with this post. The football is finished for the day and I have a couple of hours spare.

The ‘Bass’ music scene is structured like a polygon. It’s multi genre. It’s a non specific form of expression which hosts a wide array of talent. Names such as James Blake, Joy O, Bok Bok, Redlight, Ghostpoet, Boddika, Scuba, Pearson Sound, Julio Bashmore, Mosca, SBTRKT, Jamie XX, Eliphino, Hackman, Girl Unit can be (in my opinion) brought under the same collective bracket as the likes of Subscape, Mala, Loefah, Coki, Skream, Von D, Phaeleh and Breakage.

The ‘Bass’ scene is one massive noisy family. The artists which uphold this family badge are all connected and even though people are quick to differentiate themselves from certain rogue members of the family such as Skrillex, Datsik, Doctor P etc (ie the highly successful son’s that many ‘pure blood’ elders love to hate) it is fair to say that the strength of all corners of the scene comes as a result of their quick rise in popularity. I’m not a fan of ‘brostep’/unistep/gurnstep’ (whatever the F you want to call it) anymore but it’s all interlinked with the Bass scene which we should collectively respect. I may get crucified for saying this by the ‘purists’ but without the likes of Skrillex or Circus Records or Magnetic Man, many labels and Bass music in general would still be very underground. Mid range dubstep/wobblestep/whateverstep’s rapid rise in popularity  has meant promoters are able to put on more nights, artists have been given more bookings and in general the scene has strengthened due to its sudden exposure. Looking at Outlook Festival, for example, going from a 5,000 strong intimate festival to over 13,000 in the space of year and with demand for possibly over 20,000 tickets in 2012 (though they have thankfully limited it to 13 k again) shows how important this exposure has been for many artists and Outlook as a company. They’ve now created a sister festival (Dimensions Festival) which is going to happen a week after Outlook in the fort which will be dedicated to vibes, intimacy and the highest quality BASS music – 3 things which all the purists asked Santa for Xmas.

People need to stop ‘hatin’. We’re all brothers and sisters in this. It’s getting slightly embarrassing and is most definitely pathetic. There is a civil war, a family feud which is brewing within the EDM scene and it’s a load of shit. If you have the time and effort to complain about certain artists then go out and make a difference to your beloved scene: ie start a night dedicated to vibes music, learn to produce a tune tailored to your taste or just buy some fucking vinyl, have a mix and promote it on the internet. If you’re that arsey to complain then you would do that rather than jacking off to ‘I hate brostep’ facebook pages! Those who feel the need to repeat the same bullshit criticism are the ones slowly stabbing the scene to death, not the artists who they hate. In the word’s of Will.I.Am – WHERE IS THE LOVE?!

Getting back to BASS-ics. I just love bass. Ever since I was 15 all I’ve wanted was to be surrounded by bass. My first bass heavy sound system was a 5.1 Logitech set up from Argos. I adored it! In my first car when I was 17, I installed a 15 inch Kicker sub to fill my bass needs. It was epic, I loved driving. I now have no car and have to use the bus, but my Sennheiser in-ear plugs are a worthy replacement to the Kicker.

In a club scenario if a tunes got some screechy pre-pubescent melody on top and I’m forced to listen to it at a rave then fair play, I tend to cover my ears with my hands and let the B-line rip my body to shreds. Easy solution to a small insignificant problem.

Eliphino – More Than Me

Joy O – Knock Knock

The granddads of the generation, ie the likes of Artful Dodger,Wiley, Wookie and Todd ‘the God’ Edwards (our American Grandad) gave birth to the new wave of producers which are now at the forefront of this ever growing, underground music scene which the UK is pushing. They have influenced the new range of artists which fall under this ‘dubstep’/’2-step’/’forward thinking’/’nu garage’/’brostep/’funky’ umbrella and the scene now exists due to the success of many of these artists all pushing each other’s sound.

Wookie – Down on Me

Since pioneering dubstep from the ashes of Garage in the depths of a Croydon graveyard, the UK has emerged as the global capital for Bass music. By Bass music I mean that of a tempo between 120 – 145 bpm (I could include DnB but we’ll just call the higher tempo’s ‘friends of the family’ and not delve into that). Bass music is a mish mash of intelligent, soulful, sub driven melodies to screw face creating, skank out starting obscenities.

Skream, arguably one of the most influential members of this family (Don of Dubstep), likes to push every single corner of the scene. On his facebook he always links youtube or soundcloud clips from producers all over the spectrum and recently put on his own night at Warehouse Project which included the Night Slugs crew as a means to educate the masses about the other areas of Bass music. This is the way it should be.. Music lovers should be supporting each other, not slating one another! It’s turned into a bullshit online civil war..If people want to vent their frustrations about the ‘commercialisation’ of the Dance scene, they should vent their anger towards that nonce David Guetta (see our Morri’s blog post on his guilty pleasures. It’s a fantastic article).

Link to Skream’s 130 bpm lecture which he took at the Warehouse Project- http://soundcloud.com/skreamizm/free-download-warehouse

Absolutely unreal!

Below is Skream’s latest free tunes he’s dropped over Xmas (such a legend). A mixture of new sounding dubstep and a zip file containing 2004 -06 dubs. The 04-06 zip file was, to me, more of a subtle message to the older heads who were calling him a ‘sellout’ to get a grip on themselves. It was also to show his new legion of fans where the mid range dubstep origins came from and where the roots of the scene grew from. A lesson for all.

Skreamizm vol 6 –http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/88017074/file.html

04-06 dubs – http://www.sendspace.com/file/2rgbv6


The cynics continue to chat their shit on the forums, youtube and facebook: “Too much is focused on mid range wobble brostep..” blah blah blah. “The older sound is being overlooked..” blah blah blah.

This is what I say to those death eater purists…

“Quit your jibber jabber and enjoy whatever YOU want to listen to! There’s enough to go around and you’re not being forced to listen to certain types of music so get on with your life and stop moaning you miserable keyboard slapping c-…” Anyways, I could rant about the ranters for hours.

Here at Seedy we don’t stick to specific genres and we are very open minded on music policy. We like to party, and we do that fucking well. Our DJ’s play whatever they want along the broad spectrum of EDM and if you come down to any of our nights you will hear anything from Techno to Garage to DnB to Filthy Fidget to the deepest of dubstep to the screechiest of brostep. Our nights are more of a celebration of good electronic  music.

Check the soundcloud if you don’t believe me: http://soundcloud.com/seedy-sonics

Check our youtube channel and this video if you still don’t believe me:

You’re convinced. See you Friday 13th at the Rainbow complex in Birmingham.

Going back to the ACTUAL point of this post. I wanted to introduce you to a new artist I’ve found and finally got to see live in person at Hospitality on Friday. He goes by the name of IFAN DAFYDD and is a shining starlet in the bass scene. Likened to James Blake in many ways he is doing big things in the UK, with some exceptional productions – namely the infamous No Good which beautifully samples the late Amy Winehouse. Instant head bopping/heart melting classic.

Below is a link to his latest mix for The Daily Street blog. It’s a wonderful fuse between techno, disco, house and all things bassy and beautiful. In particular have a listen to the last tune in the mix which samples a very famous global superstar rapper. Real quality!

DL Link: http://official.fm/tracks/336114/download

The second is an artist who’s track ‘Cemetery’ featured in my top 10 of 2011. Foreign Concept has releases on some of dnb’s best labels (Critical/Ingredients/Modulations and Shogun). He’s been smashing it under his first alias Mad Rabbit, but has now been thrust into the limelight as Foreign Concept. With just under 15 bookings for the next 3 months or so, his DJ schedule has picked up and it’s only a matter of time before he establishes himself as one of the scenes innovative talents. I hope he gets signed to Critical or Shogun as he would be an excellent addition to their already ridiculous roster.

Foreign Concept & Kasra – Show You

Foreign Concept – Possessive

Right see you on the 13th – I’m on 1145-1230 apparently in the Garden. Gonna do a UK Bass heavy set. Expect lots of noise!

Brown Bear xoxo

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