Seedy smash up Hospitality Birmingham @ Rainbow, 2/12/2011

Friday 2nd December 2011 will go down in living memory as one of the best nights I’ve ever experienced. It was one of those nights you wished could last forever and ever. A night which many would agree was simply phenomenal on so many different levels.

‘Hospitality’ is a household name for any DnB head or even any EDM lover. They pulled out a banging showcase on Friday night. Top DJ’s, unbelievable vibes and an all out skankathon. This coupled with the fact that Seedy were on the bill and I got to DJ at it with my partner in crime LFM in the Garden is probably the reason why it enters the prestigious club which is: ‘Brown Bear’s nights he wished lasted forever’ (I will tell you about them another time).

Set of the night has to go to Hospitality’s new signing S.P.Y who is the 4th best export out of Brazil after Pele, DJ Marky and Samba music. He smashed it with some up to date classics such as ‘Gangsta VIP’ turning even the most beautiful of females into a withering, screwface monster…trust me I was with her when it happened. His and Marky’s remix of ‘Atlantis’ went down a treat, as did the extended version of By Your Side (a song I’d like played at my wedding and funeral because of its emotional addictiveness). S.P.Y’s notorious basslinea added to Hospitality’s feel good sounds is a killer combo, and at first it was a signing which surprised me. I’ve realised that it is actually ingenious and has formed a much needed bridge between the darker side of dnb and the well known liquidy edge which Hospitality promote so well. Hats off to you Tony!

DJ Melinki (our competition winner) went in stupidly hard on the decks. He tore the roof off the Garden and Kinsella’s role as MC was equally heart melting. Both put on an excellent show and they deserve the credit for winning the competition with his fiery blend of DnB, House, Dubstep and Garage and her soothing vocals –ย

Familiar regulars were out in full force at Hospitality, nice to see so many of you off your rockers…exactly how we like it at Seedy. Even World Champion beatboxer Reeps One decided to turn up for a lil skank out. So random, so funny, so memorable.

Tune of the night was ‘Wilkinson – Tonight’.ย 

Hands down biggest song at the moment – potential booking? Yes indeed.

Myself and LFM decided to go in very dark and techy for our set dropping deep rollers (see below)…. till I decided to pull out 3rd Degree Gurns. Obviously being Birmingham every person within listening vicinity went insane with one kid demanding a reload. So brummy, so seedy, so good. What a night.

Finally big up to Josh and Chimene from Hospitality for putting on such a quality event and organising the competition with us and of course lots of seedy love to everyone who came down to support and have a good old fashioned knees up.

The Brownest of Bears xoxo

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